Various Artists - Rock's Cool (DVD)

Various Artists - Rock's Cool (DVD)

Various Artists - Rock's Cool (DVD)

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For many years, the Hanover metal imprint, Steamhammer/SPV, has been one of the most important rock record labels worldwide. World-class acts such as Motörhead, Saxon, Mötley Crüe, Helloween, Saga, Skid Row, Judas Priest, Iced Earth, Sepultura and Kreator are among there renowned artists. Steamhammer/SPV are releasing a spectacular DVD featuring 31 video clips and a total playing time of 120 minutes, entitled ROCK S'COOL - A SPANKING GOOD CLIP COLLECTION.

The DVD features legendary clips such as Motörhead's 'God Save The Queen' , the current Helloween and Kreator singles, 'Mrs. God' and 'Violent Revolution', Judas Priest's haunting 'Burn In Hell' clip, and cult videos such as 'Sellout' (Biohazard), 'Bullet The Blue Sky' (Sepultura) and 'Terror Train' (Demons & Wizards). The bonus material includes a discography featuring 30-second snippets of each song and each album, an I-Pod video of each title and an interesting CD Rom section, plus a 16-page booklet.


1 Motörhead- God Save the Queen
2 Saxon- Beyond the Grave
3 Sepultura- Mindwar
4 Helloween- Mrs. God
5 Kreator- Impossible Brutality
6 Demons & Wizards- Terror Train
7 Kamelot- March of Mephisto
8 Judas Priest- Burn in Hell
9 Motörhead- Whorehouse Blues
10 Tommy Lee- Good Times
11 Skid Row- Ghost
12 Amplifier- The Consultancy
13 Tristania- Libre
14 Iced Earth- The Reckoning
15 Rage- Down
16 Doro- Always Live to Win
17 Raging Speedhorn- How Much Can a Man Take?
18 Gluecifer- Call from the other side
19 Saga- Money Talks
20 Fozzy- Enemy
21 Skinny Puppy- Pro Test
22 Kamelot- The Haunting
23 Mob Rules- Black Rain
24 Biohazard- Sellout
25 Grip Inc.- Ostracized
26 Angra- Wishing Well
27 Kreator- Violent Revolution
28 Motörhead- Brave New World
29 Sepultura- Bullet the blue sky
30 The Quill- Broken Man
31 Tristania- Equilibrium

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