Styx - One With Everything (DVD)

Styx - One With Everything (DVD)

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Styx is a US Rock legend. Their name became synonymous with symphonic orchestrated rock that was to later be termed 'Pomp Rock'. Styx's status was such that they hold the record for being the first ever band to gain triple platinum honours with four consecutive album releases, 'The Grand Illusion', 'Pieces Of Eight', 'Cornerstone' and the no.1 'Paradise Theatre'. Styx and Contemporary Youth Orchestra collaboration started last year when the band was asked to join the Orchestra for a concert. Having in the past worked with solo artists, including Pat Benatar, Ray Manzarek, Graham Nash and Jon Anderson, it was not the first time for them to be involved with Rock music, but this was their premiere with a full scale band. Styx has performed only one other time with a symphony and “while it was a wonderful experience, we had not been inclined to revisit it until we heard that the members of this particular orchestra were all between the ages of thirteen and nineteen” says STYX singer and guitar player Tommy Shaw, adding “From the very beginning, the enthusiasm has been extraordinary. Their grasp of our music, their flexibility and willingness to go far beyond what any of us imagined, has been incredible. Director Liza Grossman is to be hailed as the heroine extraordinaire tonight, for her steady guidance and the unflinching belief in the members of CYO”. On May 25, 2006 Styx took the stage in Cleveland for a new venture accompanied by the 115 piece Contemporary Youth Orchestra and a 60 member chorus. With a set list that combined some of the band’s classics, two brand new songs and covers that appeared on the “Big Bang Theory” this was a truly unique event.

Bonus Material

2 Brand New Christmas Song
  All I Want & Ring The Bells
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Quake Cam


1 Blue Collar Man
2 Lorelei
3 One With everything
4 It Don't Make Sense (You Can't Make)
5 Can't Find My Way Home
6 I Am The Walrus
7 Just Be
8 Everything All The Time
9 Crystal Ball
10 Miss America
11 Criminal Mind
12 Too Much Time On My Hands
13 Boat On The River
14 I Don't Need No Doctor
15 Medley
16 Fooling Yourself
17 Renegade

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