Alien - Dark Eyes (CD)

Alien - Dark Eyes (CD)

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The band was formed in 1987 by guitarist Tony Borg (ex E.F BAND) with vocalist Jim Jidhed. The line-up for the self-titled debut album, released by Virgin in 1988, comprised of the aforementioned Jidhed and Borg, bassist Ken Sandin, keyboard player Jimmy Wandroph and drummer Toby Tarrach. The album peaked at number 2 of the Swedish charts and the single 'Only One Woman', a cover of a BEE GEE's tune, spent six weeks as the Swedish number 1 in 1988. Shortly after Jidhed departed for a solo career to be replaced by ex-MADISON front-man Peter Sandberg.

Alien released another three successful studio albums before disbanding in late 1994. Two more albums followed later: a “Best of” for Virgin in 1997 and “Live In Stockholm” for the Japanese label Marquee / Avalon only in 2001. When asked "why now?" for an Alien reunion, Borg said "It just felt right. I started working on a number of ideas with Bernt and Jan and then Jim and I met up again". Jidhed continues: "Tony and I met up in Gothenburg on a brilliant winter's day at the beginning of 2004 and it just sparkled like we'd never been apart!"

Comprising 11 tracks touching on the great themes of Rock and Roll: love, loss, hope and despair, "Dark Eyes" revisits the classic Alien sound and adds over a decade more of writing and performing experience. The album will fulfill the dreams of lovers of Scandi-melodic rock and the classic hard rock sound. "I am really excited about the new album" adds Jim. "Both for working with Tony again, which is an absolute joy ride, but also for the fact that we are playing a more traditional style Rock 'n Roll with touches of a classic Alien sound of the new millennium. And I do like that". "It is a pure pleasure to be working together with Jim again", explains Tony. "Everyone has always told us that there is this special chemistry between us and they are right. We are working fantastically well together". The rest of the band consist now of Bernie Ek (bass), Jan Lundberg (drums) and Mats Sandborgh (keyboards).


1 Dark Eyes
2 Don't Go Away
3 Oh Sarah
4 Fallen Eagle
5 Leathal Woman
6 Wild ONE
7 Don't Fight It
8 Riding The Wind
9 Are You Ready
10 Fire (The Game)
11 Sherylee

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